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Cursor - %cu[cursor_name]

By default the mouse cursor is represented by an arrow except in graphics regions (such as %gr) where by default it is represented by a cross. Two formats are supplied to change the mouse cursor representation. %dc sets the default cursor for the window as a whole, and %cu sets the cursor for the next control in the window. Each is followed by a standard character string (i.e. a string in square brackets or an @ character indicating that the required string is supplied as an argument). The string should be the name of a CURSOR resource. By using a grave accent (`), you can use constants representing the standard Windows cursors. These constants are defined in windows.ins.

For example:


For further information see %dc below.

%cu and %dc also have a more complex form in which several alternative cursors are supplied, together with an integer used to select the one to use. The integer should be in the range from 1 to the number of different cursors supplied.

For example:


Whenever the cursor is in the main window, its shape will be governed by the current value of k. The %cu format is used in a similar way.



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