%sm[menu_specification]. Fortran for Windows, Free edition available">
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System menu - %sm - Modify System Menu[menu_specification]

This format code is used to augment the system menu and is constructed in a manner similar to %mn - Menu. A grave accent modifier (`) is used in order to replace the menu rather than to add to it.

For example:


will add the menu items Alpha and Beta to the end of the system menu. Beta will be greyed when the control variable Beta_cntrl has a zero value. Alpha_func and Beta_func are the associated call-back functions. If a grave accent is supplied in the form %`sm, then the two menu items will replace the system menu.

The tab character CHAR(9) (or CHAR(20)) attaches an accelerator key to a particular menu item and its associated call-back function. The syntax is the same as that for %mn above.



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