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Layout and positioning

Format windows, created using winio@, contain text and child windows called controls. Text and controls are presented in the order in which they appear in the format string. ClearWin+ automatically positions the text and controls in a window and adjusts the size of the window to suit its contents. This automatic positioning provides for a standard blank border within the window. This border surrounds all the text and controls. It can be removed by using %ww together with its no_border option.

Text and controls in a format string can be separated by one or more of the following format codes.


gives a new line


advances to the next tab position


advances to the left margin below any existing controls


centres text and controls on the current line


right justifies text and controls on the current line

%ta and %nl can be used with an integer modifier. For example, %2nl gives two new lines. Further information about %cn and %rj is given below.

It is important to note that, if these codes appear within a %ob box, then the effect relates to the box rather than the window as a whole. Moreover, %ob boxes can be nested. As a result it is possible to exercise a fine control over the positioning of items within a window. In extreme cases, there are other mechanisms for adjusting the position of a given item. Details are given below.



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