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%lw - Leave Window Open


To allow winio@ to return without closing the window that it creates.


winio@('%lw[option]', ctrl)
integer ctrl     (output)


Grave accent (`) - used to delay the creation of the window until ctrl has been passed to %ch.


Using %lw causes winio@ to return whilst leaving the window open. ctrl is a control variable that is returned with the value -1. Subsequently the window can be closed by setting ctrl to zero (or a positive value) and calling window_update@(ctrl).

%lw can take the option owned ( %lw[owned] ). This option defines certain properties of the window in relation to its parent. The "owned" properties are those of a window that does not use %lw, namely that the parent cannot overlay the child and, if the parent is closed, the child automatically closes. For these properties to be meaningful the parent must be created using %ww. Also %lw[owned] must be used in the definition of a child window that appears in a call-back function of the parent.


If the control variable is declared within a subroutine then it is usually necessary to give it the SAVE attribute.

See also

%ch - Child Window




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