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%tx - Text Array


To display an array of text with attributes in a rectangular region.


winio@('%N.Mtx[options]', textattribncolsmrows)
character text(ncols,mrows)     (input)
character attrib(ncols,mrows)     (input)
integer ncolsmrows     (input parameter)


Caret (^) - the call-back is called when a keyboard character is pressed and the control is in focus. The program can then update the text array.


The text array text is displayed in a box with ncols columns and mrows rows. Initially only N columns and M rows are visible and a scroll bar is provided.

Attributes for each character are provided through the array attrib, with each character set to a colour index value in the range 0 to 255. Colour indexes are defined in order by (%tc - Text Colour, %ty) format pairs. %tx can be preceded by a pivot (%pv - Pivot).

options can include:




The call-back function is called whenever the mouse moves over the control.



The call-back function is called for each key-press and each key release using Micosoft VK_ parameters.



Pressing the tab key does not move to the next control; instead, a tab key press is available to the %tx call-back.



Used to disable %pm within this control and to make the right mouse click available to the this control if required.



See Text array for further details.


winio@('%^60.15tx', text, attrib, 80, 20, cb_func)

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