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Obsolescent features

Obsolescent features

The following features are marked as obsolescent in the standard. These features are included in FTN95 but should not be written into new code for compatibility with future Fortran versions. Although these features will not be deleted from FTN95, in future versions, technical support in these areas will not be provided.

  • Arithmetic-IF.

  • Shared DO-loop termination, e.g.

    DO 10 I=1,10
    DO 10 K=1,10

  • Alternate return.

  • Computed GOTO.

  • Statement functions.

  • DATA statements among executable code.

  • Assumed-length character functions.

  • Fixed-format source code.

  • Assumed-size arrays (i.e. with '*' in the last dimension).

  • CHARACTER*<len> declarations.



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