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Unsupported features

Unsupported features

The following syntax forms which may occasionally appear in legacy code are not included in the Fortran 95 standard and are also not available in FTN95.


This would initialise 'I' to the address of the statically allocated variable 'K'. Use I = LOC(K) to get the same effect.

Octal constants using ':177' notation
These could not be implemented because of ambiguities with array section syntax, e.g. is 'A(:177)' the 127th element of 'A', or is it a section from the start of the array to number 177? Use O'177' syntax instead.

Branching to END IF from outside the block

This is the only deleted feature not to be implemented. Alter the code to branch to the statement following the END IF.

VAX extensions
Only those VAX extensions that are now part of the Fortran 95 standard have been implemented in FTN95. Most of the VAX extensions that are not in this category have equivalent functionality in Fortran 95.



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