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/ZEROISE compiler option


is used to set all static variables and arrays (that have not appeared in a DATA statement) to zero at the start of execution. It is sometimes found that programs, developed with other Fortran compilers, will not run when FTN95 is used. This can often be traced to the assumption that all non-initialised variables with the SAVE attribute are initially set to zero. The use of the /SAVE and /ZEROISE options will often make the program "work", but efforts should be made to correct the program source by explicitly giving values to the undefined variables. In this context, the use of the /UNDEF option, which causes all non-initialised variables to be initialised to a fixed "undefined" value, will be found to be very useful.

Note that it is necessary to compile the main program with this option if uninitialised common blocks are to be set appropriately.



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