Silverfrost Fortran FTN95: Visual Studio .NET Integration

Silverfrost FTN95 for Microsoft Visual Studio

Silverfrost FTN95 ships with comprehensive Visual Studio integration. Support is provided for both .NET, Win32 and 64-bit projects within Visual Studio, including an integrated debugger for .NET and Win32. Create, debug and deploy applications all from one environment.

Other features available with Silverfrost Fortran FTN95 inside Visual Studio .NET include:

  • Fortran syntax highlighting
  • Code completion for .NET
  • Method tip help
  • Integrated debugger for Win32 and .NET
  • Comprehensive project configuration
  • Integrated help system
  • Creation of multi-language solutions
  • Full .NET language interoperability
  • Visual C++ Win32 interoperability
  • Example code

Full Debugging Facilities

Silverfrost FTN95, integrated with Visual Studio comes with full debugging facilities for Win32 and .NET. A standalone debugger also ships for Win32 and 64-bit code.

Visual Studio .NET Debug Session

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