Why Silverfrost Fortran?

There are a range of Fortran compilers available for the PC market. Deciding on which Fortran compiler to use can be a difficult task. This can often be made all the more difficult by the range of features and benefits each compiler claims to offer. Some compilers concentrate on runtime performance, some have a strong software package or IDE and some have fantastic error checking and diagnostic capabilities. Some offer great support packages in different forms.

Depending on the job in hand requirements for compilers can be different. A compiler must be able to compile and run your code successfully and secondly they should go as far as possible to ensure your code is bug free. Other features that a compiler package may provide such a great editor or full debugging facilities all then contribute to the decision.

Silverfrost Fortran comes, out of the box, with Silverfrost CHECKMATE. CHECKMATE provides the worlds best runtime error checking and diagnostic reporting. Large amounts of time and money are often spent chasing hard-to-find bugs that most compilers cannot help the developer to find. Silverfrost Fortran enables the developer to check for a large range of runtime problems with the addition of a compiler switch. Problems such as array bounds violations, use of undefined variables and routine argument mismatches can all be eliminated. In a test performed by a well known Fortran vendor Silverfrost Fortran FTN95 catches 94% of errors, the best available. Silverfrost Fortran can save you both time and money with CHECKMATE, whilst ensuring you have the highest confidence in your product.

Keeping Fortran right up-to-date Silverfrost Fortran has full support for development on both 32- and 64- bit platforms. In addition Silverfrost Fortran support development on the Microsoft .NET Framework. This opens up the power of the .NET runtime and all its features to the Fortran programmer. Want an XML parser? Want database access? Need cryptography? FTN95 for Microsoft .NET allows easy access to all of these features and more. No Fortran language restrictions are imposed, enabling effortless porting of legacy applications to .NET. Fortran brings the power of .NET to Fortran and the power of Fortran to .NET.

Silverfrost Fortran is also fully integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio .NET for full application authoring and debugging. Features such as code completion, method tip help and a full, context sensitive help system are all available. A full integrated Visual Studio .NET debugger is also available for .NET and Win32 projects. Salford Visual ClearWin is also available for Fortran GUI development using .NET.

FTN95 offers all of the above along with a great supporting package. A standalone debugger is available for Win32 projects and Clearwin+ for Win32 is also still available and supported. This combined with competitive runtime performance, a great support package and more to come in the near future makes a Fortran package that is hard to beat.

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