FTN95 Licence Options

FTN95 is available in three licensed editions:

Personal The personal edition is free. You heard that right - free. So what's the catch? It is strictly for personal use or evaluation purposes. You can use it at home on your own personal projects. You can use it to evaluate FTN95 with the intention of purchasing it later. Any applications you create with it will display a banner announcing that it is the personal edition. You can download it here. This product is not directly supported.
Commercial To use FTN95 in a commercial environment you must have a commercial licence. This includes anyone who uses FTN95 on behalf of a company, for any form of profit or any form commercial gain. In addition, you must purchase a commercial licence if you sell any software created with the personal edition.
Academic To use FTN95 in an academic environment you must have an academic licence. The academic licence allows FTN95 to be used in educational establishments for research or teaching purposes. The academic licence has a lower cost than the commercial version.

For more details of features available with FTN95 for Microsoft .NET and Win32 and how this compiler can help you with your Fortran solutions see our features page.

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