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These are taken directly from a PC screen and have not been retouched.

Jupiter, Io and Europa
Jupiter with Io in the foreground. A distant Europa to the right.
Our Moon.
Earth rising over Moon
Pan in Encke Gap
Iapetus and Saturn
Earth rising over the moon.
Taken from below Saturn's south pole looking directly at Pan (which is too small to see here) which orbits inside the Encke Gap.
Enigmatic Iapetus with Saturn. The dark markings are still a mystery.
Venus eclipses Sun
Copernicus Crater
Solar Kingdom in Action
We made an eclipse with Venus. Taken from about a million kilometers.
Crater Copernicus. There is a special high resolution moon map that can produce stunning close shots.
The user interface in action. Ganymede is in view here in front of Jupiter.

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