3rd Party Add-ons

There are a number of tools and libraries that are compatible with FTN95. Some are listed below.


qtXLS is a library comprising functions to access data in Microsoft Excel files (.xls). qtXLS functions allow:

  • to create Excel sheets
  • to read data from an Excel sheet
  • to write data to an Excel sheet
  • to obtain information about an Excel sheet

qtXLS is supplied as a dynamic link library (.dll). Fortran and C programmers are supplied with comfortable interface functions that make qtXLS easy to use.

For more information you should visit the German manufacturer QT software GmbH.

plus FORT

Polyhedron Software have been making and selling Fortran tools for decades. plus FORT is a collection of utilities that can help maintain and restructure Fortran code. It includes SPAG a powerful 'despaghettification' tool, dynamic analysis and code coverage tool. Also included are AUTOMAKE the powerful make utility and QMERGE a version selection tool. No serious Fortan programmer should be without plus FORT . For more information you should visit the Polyhedron Software web site.


Winteracter is a powerful, multi-platform GUI builder. If you need your Fortran to run on more than one platform and have a usable interface then we suggest you take a look at Winteracter. To quote ISS, the authors: "Winteracter is our flagship product. It allows a modern graphical user interface to be implemented in Fortran 9x software under Microsoft Windows and Linux (X Windows). A comprehensive subroutine library of user-interface, graphics and operating system functions is provided, along with various GUI visual design tools."

For more information you should visit the ISS web site.


GINO is a suite of portable graphics and GUI development tools used for the development of scientific and engineering applications. The full suite contains over 900 callable functions and is available for F90, C/C++, Visual Basic, Delphi or .NET (C++, C#, VB). As well as containing high-level graphing features such as line graphs, charts, contour maps and 3D surfaces, GINO includes a fully programmable GUI interface (GINOMENU) and a host of low-level drawing routines for vector-based graphics development in 2D and 3D. GINO features fully integrated OpenGL functionality including facets, lighting, shading and texture mapping for developing state-of-the-art 3D models.

Further information may be obtained at the Bradly Associates Ltd Web Site (http://www.gino-graphics.com)

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