FTN95 Express

FTN95 Express is where the power within FTN95 meets the industrial strength of Visual Studio 2008. Thousands of people are using FTN95 Personal Edition, the free version of FTN95. Many users wanted to augment FTN95 with the facilities within of Visual Studio, so we took the Visual Studio shell, customised it with FTN95 and packaged it up. Oh yes... and it’s FREE.

FTN95 Express gives you:

  • FTN95 power including CHECKMATE our unrivalled bug spotting technology

  • Visual Studio IDE with syntax highlighting, macros, integrated build, debugger and online help

Download FTN95 Express version 5.40 from:

Primary site

How can FTN95 be free?

FTN95 Personal Edition has been available without charge for many years. The Personal Edition is strictly for personal use or evaluation purposes. There are more details here. You can of course buy an unrestricted licence.

How can Visual Studio be free?

Visual Studio Express Editions have been free for a number of years. Microsoft has made some of that technology freely available and we have used it to create FTN95 Express

So, I could create ‘WonderApp Express’?

If you like: Extending Visual Studio (at microsoft.com)

What is the relationship to FTN95 Personal Edition?

FTN95 Express comprises the Visual Studio Shell and FTN95 Personal Edition. If you install FTN95 Express there is no reason to download FTN95 Personal Edition.

I already own FTN95, what about me?

FTN95 Express will install the Visual Studio Shell and FTN95 Personal Edition. If you own FTN95 then you do not want to install the Personal Edition part of FTN95 Express. This is easy to do and shown on this Knowledge Base article: How to use FTN95 Express and a registered version of FTN95.

Can I integrate FTN95 with C# in FTN95 Express?

No, the Visual Studio shell does not come with any other languages, just in the same way that Visual Studio C# Express Edition only comes with C#.

So how do I integrate FTN95 with C#?

Firstly, you do not need Visual Studio at all. All FTN95 development can be done from the command line. Alternatively you can buy a copy of Visual Studio and then install the FTN95 Visual Studio plug-ins. You can try it all out by downloading a Visual Studio Trial at http://www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/en-us/download and then installing FTN95PE.

Can I produce .NET code with FTN95 Express?

Yes, you can produce .NET or Win32 programs just as you can with a normal FTN95 install. Remember, FTN95 Express is FTN95 plus Visual Studio. We did not take anything away.

I already have Visual Studio, do I need FTN95 Express?

No, just install the FTN95 Visual Studio plug-ins. These are offered when FTN95 installs

What is the catch?

There isn’t one, try it.

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