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File filter - %ft[name][filter]

%ft is used to change the default filter for subsequent use of the FILE_OPENR and FILE_OPENW call-back functions (see FILE_OPENR). The information is used in the standard Windows dialog displayed by these call-back functions. Two standard character strings are required after %ft. The first is the name of the filter (e.g. 'Executable files'). The second is the specification (e.g. '*.EXE').

For example:

 i=winio@('%ft@@','Executable files','*.EXE')


 i=winio@('%ft[Executable files][*.EXE]')

If the grave accent modifier is used with %ft, the filter information replaces the existing information, otherwise it is added at the front of any existing filter information. The default filter selects all files.

You cannot change the name and filters dynamically by using %fs and %ft with variable character strings. See get_filtered_file@.



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