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%eb - Edit Box


To insert an edit box.


winio@('%`N.Meb[options]',bufferbuff_size, edit_info)
character*(*) buffer     (input/output)
integer buff_size     (input)
integer edit_info(24)     (input/output)


Caret (^) - the call-back function is called when a key is pressed or the mouse is moved.

Question mark (?) - a help string is supplied.

Grave accent (`) - the program supplies edit information. The array name edit_info is placed in the argument list after any grey control variable and before any call-back function.

Tilde (~) - adds a variable that controls the grey (enable/disable) state. The variable should precede the call-back function (if any) in the argument list.


An edit box created using %eb provides a wide range of advanced text editing features. See Edit box (%eb) for details.

N represents the width of the box in average characters. M represents the depth which, if omitted, defaults to 1.

buffer is a character string for the text which must be terminated with chr(0).

buff_size is the size of the buffer. A zero value may be supplied to allow the edit box to allocate its own memory re-sizing as required (buffer is ignored).

%eb will take a pivot (%pv - Pivot).

If the caret modifier (^) is used and the call-back function does not handle the response to control keys such as Delete, Backspace, etc., then it should return a zero value.

See also

%cc - Control Closure




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