Simple Introduction

The Silverfrost FTN95 default installation includes a number of programs that illustrate the use of ClearWin+. These are installed to a folder of the form \Users\xxx\Documents\FTN95 Examples\clearwin. Particular attention should be given to the demonstration programs that illustrate the use of the ClearWin+ function winio@ and to the 'Browse' application that is typically found in \Program Files (x86)\Silverfrost\FTN95.

The following instructions explain how to compile, link and execute a very simple Windows application without using winio@.

Consider a program to calculate the squares of a sequence of numbers and print them out.

In Fortran this takes the form:

DO idx=1,10
  PRINT *,idx,' Squared is ', idx*idx

Using your editor, type in the above program and save it as (say) test.for.

Open a DOS box and enter a command line of the form:


This will produce an executable file called test.exe that can be run from the Program Manager in the normal way or by entering:


at the DOS box command line.

The above procedure will run your test program and display a window that presents the output. This program illustrates how ClearWin+ can be used to convert a simple DOS application without the need to attend to any Windows programming features. It automatically generates what is called a ClearWin window that handles the input and output in a Windows environment.

Further information about compiling and linking is given in Compiling and linking whilst ClearWin windows gives detailed information about using ClearWin windows. A major part of this guide deals with what are called format windows using winio@. Format windows provide a quick and easy method for developing fully featured Windows applications.



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