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Win32, x64


To create a dynamic menu using %mn.




By using %mn, menu items can be added at run time. This is of greatest use when you wish to show a file history or a list of open windows. Items are added one at a time to the end of the pop down menu that contains the handle.

In %mn (see Menu format) an asterisk (*) must be added where a text description would previously have been placed and a integer (kind=7) argument, instead of a call-back, must be provided to hold the handle.

For example:


handle can then be passed to ADD_MENU_ITEM@.

name is the new string to put into the menu i.e. the new menu item. enable controls the enabling of the item (1 for enabled, zero for disabled, i.e. greyed) and the check will add or remove a tick character (1 for checked, zero for unchecked). A call-back function must be provided so that ClearWin+ can act upon a menu selection. A separator is obtained if name is input as char(0).


See Dynamic menus.

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