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Graphics functions (device context)

The following routines transmit a handle to a device context and are particularly associated with the %gr and %dw formats described in (Graphics). GET_BITMAP_DC@ returns a handle for use with %dw whilst GET_CURRENT_DC@ returns a handle for a device context created by using %gr. These routines allow ClearWin+ to be used with Windows API functions and as such are unlikely to be of interest to a majority of ClearWin+ programmers.


Ensures that the palette is set correctly for the current window.


Attaches a palette to a DC.


Changes the pen in a device context acquired through GET_BITMAP_DC@.


Clears a bitmap device context acquired by GET_BITMAP_DC@.


Creates a device context for use with %dw.


Gets the current graphical device context.


Releases a bitmap device context acquired by GET_BITMAP_DC@.



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