Plotting a bar chart

In this section:

The following code is extracted from program simdem48.f95 in the Simdem package, and it illustrates how easy it is to plot a matrix, declared as double precision x(nmax,ncol), as a bar chart.

! initialise essential arguments for default bar chart
      do j = 1, ncol
         do i = 1, nrow
            x(i,j) = dble(i + j)
      titles(1) = 'Demonstrating a Simfit bar chart'
      titles(2) = 'Rows'
      titles(3) = 'Columns'
      titles(4) = blank
! isend = 1: call bcplot in default mode
      isend = 1
      call bcplot (isend, ncol, nrmax, nrow, x, labels, titles)

The following plot is then displayed and can be edited to add further features, printed, or archived as a graphics file. It is possible to edit the bar labels, keys, and titles, and to perform additional operations like 3D perspective, and side panel re-positioning.



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