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Finding the value of a variable

There are several ways to obtain the value of a variable and which is best depends on your particular situation. Here are three quick ways:

1. If you can see the variable in the source window, point the mouse at it - a tool-tip will appear with the value. A right mouse click will open a separate window that displays the value. The tool-tip feature can be turned off from the Options Window but the right mouse click will always work.

2. Look in the variables window (this can be configured to be alphabetic from the Options Window). Once the variable is highlighted you can open a separate window by pressing the left mouse button.

3. Using the debugger command line, simply type 'PRINT ' (or just 'P ') followed by the variable and it will be displayed in its own window. You can also display an expression. For example 'PRINT X/XRATIO' will display a window with the value of X/XRATIO. This will update as the program is stepped.



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