Relocatable binary libraries and input files

Relocatable binary libraries and input files

The use of the /LGO and /LINK options is not restricted to programs that require only the FTN95 library. Other system or user relocatable binary (RLB) libraries and RLB input files can be specified by using one or both of the following methods:

  • By using the /LIBRARY option in the FTN95 command line. For example:


  • By using a LIBRARY directive (which, in fixed format Fortran, must commence at or beyond column 7) in the source file.

    LIBRARY '<pathname>'

    where <pathname> is the name of the file. For example:


    Use of a LIBRARY directive ensures that no RLB library or input file is forgotten when loading a program as the directives are always present in the source file.

    If a library filename does not include path information, the current directory is searched, followed by the directory containing the FTN95 compiler.


  • If the name of a Win32 library file does not include an extension then the compiler will automatically add .OBJ to the name.

  • Win32 dynamic link libraries are not specified in a LIBRARY directive. DLLs are normally located either in the Windows 'system' directory or on the PATH.



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