The following text assumes that you are writing in Silverfrost C/C++ and are calling an FTN95 relocatable binary library (RLB) or dynamic link library (DLL).

When calling FTN95 routines from C/C++, the following major points should be considered:

  Fortran arguments are passed by reference rather than value.

  All Fortran external names are upper case (regardless of the case of the original source text).

  Fortran character variables have no simple analogue in C/C++.

If you have a C/C++ main program calling a Fortran RLB, then the main program should call the library initialisation routine if there is one. Failure to do so will result in unpredictable behaviour. If you are calling a DLL then the initialisation will probably take place automatically when the DLL is loaded.

For a practical example of how to call an FTN95 DLL from a Visual C++ program see the following topic, which includes example source code.

Visual C Interoperabilty - Calling an FTN95 DLL from Visual C++ (Win32)



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