Find and replace

Find and replace tools are accessed from the main Edit menu.

You can also use the Standard toolbar to type in words to find and then use the Find Next and Find Previous buttons to search through the code.

When you right click on this combo box you get a context menu for Match whole word only and Match case.

The "Find what" string in a simple Find process (not Find in Files) can include wildcards as follows:


Any character string. This must not appear at the beginning or the end of the whole Find string.


Any single non-space character.


Any single letter.


Any single decimal digit.


The linefeed character.


Any integer number.


Any combination of spaces and tabs.


Any combination of zero or more spaces and tabs.


The tab character.


The caret character.

In the "Find and Replace" dialog and the "Replace with" edit box, the text can include one alias as follows:


Denotes the current "Find what" text, or


Denotes the clip text with item name "clipName" in a category called "User".

Use one alias at a time.



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