Changing keyboard accelerators

By default Plato uses standard accelerators keys that conform as far as possible with the default Microsoft Visual Studio settings. Accelerator key can be configured to your preferred settings or you can elect to use Plato2 default keys.

To change accelerator keys, select Options from the main Tools menu and then select Keyboard from the tree on the left.


A number of menu commands do not have default accelerator keys. These can also be configured from using this dialog.

You can use one of two buttons to restore the Plato and Plato2 default settings. Also you can select a command from the commands column. Information about the command is given in the main status bar where you will see the standard prompt for the command. Now you can change the accelerator key using the Accelerator Key group of controls. Select a key from the drop down list or click on the "Next press" edit box and press the key that you want to use. Also select the Ctrl/Shift/Alt state. A box labelled "Used by" indicates when the selected key is already in use (if you continue the old use will be replaced unless it is used by a macro).

The list view of commands has its own context menu.

See also Creating and using macros.



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