Plato options

Select Options from the main Tools menu in order to open the Options dialog. Here are some of the settings that you may wish to change.

Fonts and colours

From the tree on the left, select Environment and Fonts and Colours . You can change the foreground and background colours to suit your personal taste. You can also select a different fixed-width font.

Opening Fortran files from Explorer

If you select Environment and General from the tree, you can opt to "Register Fortran file types for Explorer". This plants information into the Registry that is used by Explorer. Opening a file in Explorer will cause it to appear in Plato.


a) If you have installed Microsoft Visual Studio and you are using a Fortran plugin, then you can register Fortran file types for Explorer with Plato but, if you cancel this option, when you use Visual Studio you will be prompted to re-install the plugin.

b) To remove all Plato registry entries use the command line:
           Plato /Unregister

Line Numbers and tab settings

You can opt to view line numbers in the margin of your programs. From the tree on the left of the dialog select Text Editor then General. Now find the Line numbers check box.

In the Text Editor section you will also see an entry for Tabs and Indents. Use this section to change the tab behaviour and settings.



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