Working with non-standard files

Plato can edit standard Unicode files. Note, however, that FTN95 can only compile standard ASCII files.

A standard Unicode file is of the type UTF-16/UCS-2 (little endian). Files of type UTF-8 generate a warning message but are not decoded. ASCII files are converted to Unicode on opening and back to ASCII on saving. Other file types cannot be read by Plato.

Use the standard Character Map accessory to copy non-ASCII characters on to the clipboard and paste them into your text.

A warning appears if you paste Unicode characters into an ASCII file. In which case, when you save the file. you will be given the option to save with Unicode encoding or to delete all Unicode characters and save as ASCII.

Plato accepts ASCII files that use Unix or Mac linefeed characters. The file is saved in the same format. If the file contains linefeed characters of more than one type, then the Microsoft Windows carriage return/linefeed sequence is used when the file is saved.



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