Adding syntax colouring for other languages

You can use the Options dialog to add syntax colouring for new programming languages. Select Language settings in the left hand pane. If the language you want to use is not in the list provided, click on the New button or the Import button. Use the Import button to read *.syn language syntax files downloaded from the TextPad website.

In the example shown, language settings have been imported for MatLab program files.

The check box in the list view is used to activate the programming language. Languages that are activated appear in the dialog when a New file is created.

The tabs for Words 1, etc. are used to define groups of keywords and other syntax attributes. Keywords are presented in a linear list separated by one or more spaces.

When you select a built-in language from the list view, only the User keywords tab is displayed. This allows you to include additional keywords for these languages.



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