Using multiple files

As your project grows, you will naturally add more files to it. The build process automatically checks for file dependency resulting from the use of Fortran modules and included files. For example, if a file A uses a module B in another file and module B is changed then file A is automatically recompiled. For complete safety you can select Rebuild rather than Build and all the source files will be recompiled (for further information see File dependency). Note that, by default, project files are automatically saved at the start of a Build/Rebuild process.

You can also compile a particular file by selecting the file in the Project Explorer window and by clicking on Compile in the popup menu.

In addition to Build and Rebuild there is also a command called Clean. This command deletes all the object files together with the executable (or DLL).

You can issue these commands from the Project Explorer window by selecting the name of the project and using a right mouse click.



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