Link map

The link map is used to examine the structure of the executable or DLL in detail. The map will show:

  1. The entry point (see below) and its address.

  2. All of the routines that SLINK could not find a definition for. These are called unresolved externals (see below). The SLINK map will also show the path name of the file that contained the initial reference to the symbol.

  3. The map then lists all of the defined symbol names and their addresses together with the path name of the file that contained the definition of the symbol. These addresses show the "preferred address". The actual run time address may be different.

  4. The link map finally contains a brief outline of the executable by showing the addresses where the executable's sections have been loaded.

For example, the following SLINK session will produce a link map named FILE1.MAP and an executable FILE1.EXE. These names are derived from the first loaded object file name.

$ lo file1
$ lo file2
$ map
$ file



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