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Silverfrost run time library

All programs that are compiled using a Silverfrost compiler must be linked with SALFLIBC.LIB. SALFLIBC.LIB is a special kind of library and is a combined standard and import library. SLINK will automatically link with SALFLIBC.LIB for you. Although SALFLIBC.DLL exists, it should not be scanned directly since SALFLIBC.LIB is more than just an import library. Not all references that are satisfied by scanning SALFLIBC.LIB can be satisfied by scanning SALFLIBC.DLL.

Any import library or DLL may only be scanned once. A situation like the following is to be avoided:

lo object1.obj

creates references to KERNEL32.DLL

lo kernel32.dll

satisfies current references to KERNEL32.DLL

lo object2.obj

creates more references to KERNEL32.DLL

SLINK will automatically scan the system DLLs, in order to satisfy references in the user program, if any unresolved references exist at the end of the link process.

The following order of linking should be observed:

  1. Object files

  2. Non system DLLs, non system import libraries and other standard libraries

  3. FTN77.DLL or FTN95.DLL


  5. System DLLs

The list of DLLs included in "system DLLs" is given in the reference section.

Note that the last three stages are automatic but should none the less be regarded as having taken place.



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