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%br - Bar


To draw a horizontal or vertical bar which is partially filled with a user-selected colour.


winio@('%Nbr[options]', fillcolour_value)
double precision fill     (input)
integer colour_value     (input)


Question mark (?) - a help string is supplied.


fill specifies the amount of fill in the range 0 to 1 inclusive.

colour_value is the RGB value of the fill colour.

N is a integer constant giving the length of the bar in average characters.

options may include no_border and percentage, and one of left_right, right_left, top_bottom, bottom_top. percentage adds a progress indicator (in the form of a percentage) to a horizontal bar only.

[panel=val] has been added to attach the bar to a %SB panel. val is the integer value of a %SB panel. The progress bar is given [ms_style] attribute and appears in the given panel of the status bar.


winio@('%15br[bottom_top]', fill, RGB@(200,200,0))

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