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%sl - Slider


To insert a slider control.


winio@('%Nsl[option]', valueminmax)
double precision minmax     (input)
double precision value     (input/output)


Caret (^) - call-back is called repeatedly as the user moves the slider or when an arrow key is pressed.

Question mark (?) - a help string is supplied.


N is mandatory and sets the length of the control in average character units.

value is the current value represented by the slider in the range min to max. This value can also be accessed by a call-back function whilst the slider is being moved.

option can be set to the keyword vertical to provide an alternative to the default which is a horizontal slider.

The slider will respond to the arrow keys on the keyboard.

The value returned by clearwin_info@('LATEST_VARIABLE') can also be used with %sl.


winio@('%20sl', x, 0.0D0, 10.0D0)

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