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%dd - Spin for Integer


To insert a spin wheel for an integer edit box (%rd - Edit Integer) or a string edit box (%rs - Edit String).


winio@('%dd', step)
integer step     (input)


%dd can be used with %rd - Edit Integer in order to provide an attached spin wheel.

step is the size of the increase/decrease. The resulting %rd - Edit Integer value will be a multiple of step. Any call-back function should be attached to %rd - Edit Integer. %dd is placed before the %rd - Edit Integer to which it refers.

%dd can also be used with %rs - Edit String. In this case it should have a non-zero step value (which is ignored). The subsequent %rs - Edit String box should have a call-back function which uses clearwin_string@('CALLBACK_REASON') to identify the reasons 'SPIN_UP' and 'SPIN_DOWN'. The call-back function must provide the response to the spin (for example, by cycling through the days of the week).


winio@('%dd', 1L)

See also

%rd - Edit Integer, %il - Integer Limit, %rs - Edit String




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