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Win32, x64


To obtain string information from ClearWin+.




Parameters are specified as case insensitive character strings. They may be system or user-defined values.

ClearWin+ maintains a set of system strings that contain information from the system. The following have been defined:

See the end of this list.


See Hypertext windows.

This option will return a string containing the current menu item selected. It is employed when using dynamic menus that have a shared call-back (see Dynamic menus).

Is a string containing the full path and filename of the object dropped into a format window using %dr.

Is the URL being navigated to when the callback reason is HYPERTEXT_LINK

Whenever a call-back function is invoked, this string can be used to determine the reason for the call. The following list of reasons (upper case letters only) may be extended in the future, so programs should be designed to ignore reasons which they do not recognise.







Call associated with %ac.



A button has been pressed.



User_colour event for edit box (%eb).



The contents of %eb, %rd (etc.) box have been altered.



Indicates an OpenGL window is in need of re-painting.



Call in response to dropping a file onto the window.



An enumerated parameter (%ep) has been selected from within a parameter box.



Call from 'FILE_OPENR' or 'FILE_OPENW'.



Edit box gets input focus.



Called when hypertext is being changed.



Call-back from activating a hypertext link in %ht or %wb.



Listbox item double clicked.



Listbox item selected.



A keyboard key has been pressed.



Edit box loses input focus.



A menu item has been invoked.



Call of %mg related function.



Left button down.



Left button up.



Left double click.



Middle button down.



Middle button up.



Mouse movement.



Right button down.



Right button up.



Called when a control is being re-sized.



A user parameter (%up) has been selected from within a parameter box.



Call associated with %dl.



Call in response to %cc.



Call in response to %sc.



Called as part of a compound call-back.



Not currently in a call-back.


Return value

Returns the value of the specified string parameter.

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