%fr - MDI Frame


To define a MDI frame to contain child windows attached by %aw - Attach MDI Child Window.


winio@('%fr', widthheight)
winio@('%`fr', widthheight, ctrl)
integer widthheight     (input)
integer(7) ctrl     (output)


Caret (^) - call-back function is called when the topmost child window changes.

Grave accent (`) - used to provide access to the handle of the current child window.


width and height give the width and height of the frame in pixels.

If %fr is preceded by %pv - Pivot then the frame can be re-sized at run time.

ctrl is returned as the handle of the currently selected child window (see %hw - Handle) or zero if none is selected.

A given window cannot contain more than one frame.


The call-back function is called with the 'reason' MDI_PAGE_TURN (see CLEARWIN_STRING@) whenever the topmost child window changes. Typically this would be used in conjunction with the grave accent to get the handle of the topmost window in a variable.


See Attach window.

See also

%aw - Attach MDI Child Window, %hw - Handle, %pv - Pivot




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