Editing facilities


Plato has an outlining facility that can be very helpful when reading and editing large amounts of code. To switch outlining on, select Options from the main Tools menu and then select Text Editor and General. Outlining is not currently available for fixed Fortran source code.

Unnamed Bookmarks

Unnamed bookmarks provide a simple and convenient method to mark points in the code so that they can be returned to later. The standard toolbar provides buttons to add and navigate through unnamed bookmarks.

Bookmarks are saved with the project data. See also Using named Bookmarks.

You can also move back to a previous viewing context in the code by using the command "Undo move" (Ctrl+Shift+Z by default). This is designed on the basis of bookmarks that are automatically attached to each line of the code that has been visited. "Undo move" therefore takes you back to the last line that you visited and can be repeated in usual manner for undo commands. The command "Redo undo move" (Ctrl+Shift+Y by default) is also provided.



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